Story Quest IntroductionEdit

At the beginning of the game, the character converses with the first NPC it encounters. A newly created character starts out in any district of Astir randomly so the Starting NPC will vary.

Starting NPCs:

  • Neumann @ Astir Central Plaza
  • Olson @ Astir Confederation Road
  • Randall @ Astir Royal Street
  • Barnes @ Astir Imperial Way

Things to remember:

  • The main quests have to be cleared in order. No part of it can be skipped.
  • The main quest can not be removed or abandoned.

JP PSwiki Tips to be verified:

  • ?? Quest objectives can met while in a PT even while the character is dead.
  • ?? When you receive a PT in the battle flag stand and defeat the boss clear from watching the event when the event occurs, so everyone moved to the boss room.

Story Quest ListEdit

If you agree to listen to what Neumann / Barnes / Olson / Randall has to say, these chain of quests will be started.

Order Quest Title Start NPC Compensation Task & Objectives
01 Supplier Roone's Request

Supplier Roone H-6, Confederation Road

10 EXP Deliver item, Bread to Guard @ Astir i-3
02 Supplier Roone's Request Part 2


i-3, Confederation Road


200G 10 EXP

Guard asks you to deliver Heating Pads toInnkeeper Faneh @ Astir L-10
03 Supplier Roone's Request Part 3

Innkeeper Faneh L-10, Royal Street


40 EXP

Deliver the Pen to:
Weaponsmith Alma @ Astir E-11
04 Neumann/Olsen/Randall/Barnes calls for you

Neumann ; Olsen Randall

Quilted Gloves
Quilted Boots
Kill 6x Lv1 Maggot
05 Practice and Training


i-11, Central Plaza


250 EXP 1st character on the account that completes this quest gets: Beginner Trunk

Kill 8x Lv3 Gigarat
06 Supplier Koome's Request

Supplier Koome

M-11, Royal Street


500 EXP

Kill 8x Lv5 Cluster Ant
07 Go Meet Lias


i-11, ConfederationRoad

1,000 EXP

Kill 8x Lv6 Rattlesnake
08 Ronia's Request


i-5 Confederation Road

300 G

1,800 EXP

Collect 6x Rotten Bone from Lv7 Skeleton
09 Bureaucracy


D-12, Imperial Way

3,000 EXp

1x Bat Wing

Kill 6x Lv8 Baby Rattlesnake
10 Bureaucracy Part 2


D-12 Imperial Way

3,500 EXP

800 G

Kill 8x Lv10 Aardwolves
Order Quest Title Start NPC Compensation Task & Objectives
11 Kingdom's Little Secret


i-11, Central Plaza


5,000 EXP

Neumann tells you to speak to Grohn L-10 who then ask you to get the "chest" at i-9 Western Soplar Highway.

The chest (which is invisible) is found by moving in between any of the "Three" Crosses at that i-9 location.

12 Help Gharb the Weaponsmith

Weaponsmith Gharb

H-5, Confederation Road

8,000 EXP Kill 8x Tarantula
13 Investigation


i-11, Central Plaza

3x Salve

10,000 EXP

The following can be completed in any order. After each task is done, move on to the next Guard at the other Soplar highway sides. Once all 3 tasks are done, return to Neumann for the rewards.
  1. Talk to the Royal City Guard
  2. Then kill 8x Lv15 Booming Fly
  3. Then return to the same guard.

  1. Talk to the Confederation City Guard
  2. Then kill 6x Lv16 Chompy Rat
  3. Then return to the same guard.

  1. Talk to the Imperial City Guard
  2. Then get the "stash" at G-15, Western Soplar Highway (hide from Bird Eater) in between of the 2 thick pillars.
  3. Then return to the same guard.
14 Robbery Request


D-12, Imperial Way

500 G

12,000 EXP

  1. Get the "letter" behind the house at K-9 of Western Soplar HWY.
  2. Reach the hideout of Thugs at H-14 of the same map.
  3. Kill 6x Lv9 Thug
15 Who's the Traitor?


i-5, Confederation Road

800 G

16,000 EXP

  1. Go to the windmill found at F-13 Western Soplar Highway
  2. Search the small tree next to the windmill to get the Vanahl Herbs
Order Quest Title Start NPC Compensation Tasks & Objectives
16 Deserter


Central Plaza

18,000 EXP
  1. Talk to Royal City Guard at Eastern Soplar Highway
  2. Go to the tower at H-5 of the same map.
  3. Move to the door of the tower.
  4. Watch the cutscenes then kill 6x Lv12 Hooligan.
17 City in Peril


i-11, Central Plaza

1,200 G

22,000 EXP

  1. Talk to Morane's Minion at Eastern Soplar Highway
  2. Report back to Lias and that's it.
18 Paving the Way for Peace Sarah

D-12, Imperial Way


24,000 EXP

  1. Go to Western Soplar Highway
  2. Press J then make sure you "Tell" the Phalanx Captain the same Half-Medallion is showing on your Quest Log.
  3. You'll be tasked to kill 10x Lv17 Porcuhorns.
  4. Report back to Phalanx Captain once done.
19 The Mysterious Bracelet Neumann

i-11, Central Plaza

28,000 EXP 1. Tell Neumann about the Mysterious bracelet
2. To "pass time", go to Conferation Road then try to go Northern Soplar Highway
3. Talk to Ronia who is just south of your spot.
4. Talk to the Confederation Soldier found at Northern Soplar Highway
5. Kill the Lv15 Brahm's Demon
After the battle, talk to the Confederation Soldier
20 A Brewing Storm

Also called: "Belial" or "3 Demons" Quest.'''For squishy characters, PT may be required


i-11, Central Plaza

1,500 G

32,000 EXP

1. Neuman will tell you to talk to Sarah
2. Talk to Imperial Officer at Western Soplar Highway
3. Kill 2x Lv15 Demon and 1x Lv18 Belial
4. After the battle, report to the same Imperial Officer
Order Quest Title Start NPC Compensation Task & Objectives