How to get control over your Pandora Saga in-game experience.

General InterfaceEdit

General Interface

1 Status Bars


Red Bar

"Life Points"

HP is reduced whenever damage is suffered. Character will die when HP reduced to zero


Blue Bar

"Mana Points"

MP is reduced whenever magic and active skills are used.

2 Interface3
'Minimap' You current location is displayed here.current
To check the in-game time, place the cursor over the Sun image.
Zoom in/out . using the magnifying glass icon
Area Map is pulled up using the crosshair icon.
3 Interface4
'The Message Window' Displays chat conversations and in-game actions.
Advanced settings can be opened via the Chat Icon to change font size & colors per chat type.
4 Interface5 Various menus can be pulled up using these icons.
Clicking the MENU button, will open up more options
5 Interface6
'Hot Key Slot' Register here skills and item via drag & dropping the icons for quick and easy use.

Options InterfaceEdit



'Transparency of the windows can be configured here.'

  • Set window transparency settings for active or 'in-use' windows.
  • Set window transparency settings for inactive or 'not in use' windows.

Mini Map window transparency can also be changed.


BGM sets the volume of the in-game BackGround Music.
SE sets the volume of Sound Effects.
VOICE sets the volume of character voice effects.
PC Sets the range when Player Characters are drawn/displayed/rendered on the screen.
NPC Sets the range when NPCs are drawn/displayed/rendered on the screen.
ENV ??
EFFECT Sets the range when Effects (skill, attack) are drawn/displayed/rendered on the screen.


Interface9 Change the default settings for
  • Item / Loot distribution rules
  • Experience (XP) sharing (ON or OFF)

...when forming a Party (PT) ** Party System details will be elaborated in a Party System article soon.

Auto-reject party invitation can be toggled ON or OFF

Set in-game time format: 12 or 24-hour time format
Set auto-pan/rotate/angle camera when mouse cursor are at the edge of the screen.


Interface10 Full keyboard customization can be done here for window shortcuts and character controls to suit a player's preferences.

Message WindowEdit

Area Chat is seen by all players within visible range
Whisper Talk to a specific player. No area restrictions
Shout Reach / speak to everyone in the same area.
Party Speak only to all party members. No area restrictions
Clan Speak only to all members of the Clan you belong in. No area restrictions
Realm Speak only to all citizens of the Nation you belong to. No area restrictions
Egg Purchase Egg chat via NPC item/tool shops. Activation & details: Pending (until someone adds info)